The Purpose of Branding

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard and seen a lot of stuff online about “Branding” and “Brand Strategy.” What does it mean? Why should you care about Branding? In today’s blog post, we’ll cover that a bit and explain why your business might already have a brand and how you can leverage it to your benefit.

What is Branding?

There are different ways we can define Branding, but ultimately it boils down to one basic idea. A Brand is a promise. What that promise is or entails depends on your business and how you run it. You might be a little surprised to hear that, so we’ll state it again. Your brand is a promise. Or, as Brand Strategist Jacqueline Lieberman put it, “a Brand is a set of promises the business makes to the consumer.” This set of promises varies, depending on the services, product, and value your business delivers to customers. This brings us to our next point.

Your business may already have a brand.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you likely already have a brand, surprise! Even if you have put no effort into an identity system, like logos or stationary, your business has a brand. Whether you like it or not. Because, as stated before, your brand is a promise. Over time, you build your brand with every interaction your business has with a customer or potential customer. Your brand grows every time your company delivers or executes for a customer. Or every time it doesn’t. Every. Time.

In his book “The Brand Gap,” preeminent Brand Strategist Marty Neumeier states that for many companies, “Brand happens while we’re doing something else.” With good cause, running a business is hard, especially if it’s a small business. We are all limited in time and need to tend to a myriad of tasks: sales, customer service, product development, bookkeeping, and the list goes on forever. As a result, Branding often gets left by the wayside, an afterthought in the process of doing other things for our business.

When a company neglects its brand strategy, it might find that the brand they want to be is not the one their customers think they are. So businesses ignore Branding at their own risk. 

 Branding, however, can hold the key to making or breaking your business. It is fundamental to creating more profound, entrenched connections with your customers. Ultimately, Brand Strategy helps companies control customers’ perception of their brand. A company, product, or service needs to give prospective customers the right impression. That’s why companies try hard to tailor their marketing around their brand. As a result, much of the advertising we see today directly results from a brand strategy in action.

Brand Strategy

You may have noticed that up until now, we haven’t talked about design. While the design aspect is essential, it is only a part of an overall Brand Strategy. When we develop a Brand Strategy, we establish three core pillars: Differentiation, Purpose, and Design. These three areas are the bedrock on which everything else rests. 

Developing a brand strategy takes an enormous amount of work, research, and introspection on behalf of the business. However, if done well, a Brand Strategy can take your business from good to great. It can guide and lead. It can create an almost unbreakable bond with the consumer. 

There’s a lot of work to create a successful Brand Strategy. Connect with us today to get started.

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