Touchpoints: Is your business missing this opportunity?

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What are touchpoints? The easiest way to define a touchpoint is anything your customer touches when interacting with your business. Depending on your business and its size, this can mean anywhere from the email you just sent to your storefront, product packaging, website, employees, store signs, shipping boxes, social media posts, shopping bags, etc.

Anything your customer sees relating to your business is a potential touchpoint. Those touchpoints are prime opportunities for your business brand to engage with your customers.

How Can You Take Advantage Of Your Business Touchpoints?
There are three stages of customer interaction in which your business can create a deeper connection. Before, During, and After a purchase.

Before a Purchase
A few examples of what a touchpoint may be Before a purchase can be Social Media Posts, advertising, word of mouth, etc.

During a Purchase
These are the most critical and include your storefront, store layout, employees, website, and product.

After Purchase
This phase is one of the most overlooked for small retailers and businesses. Touchpoints include packaging, shopping bags, food carriers (for restaurants), marketing emails, etc. For example, this donut place in Hickory has the most amazing donuts, but you wouldn’t tell it from their generic donut boxes. It’s a missed opportunity to take a basic touchpoint, like their donut boxes, and use it fully to deepen customer engagement. It is also a missed opportunity for advertisement!

Of course, all these touchpoints need a sound strategy and thoughtful brand implementation. That’s where we come in. Our creative services help small businesses take advantage of every touchpoint and deepen customer engagement.

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