How Design Wins For Your Business

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In packaging, social media, advertising, printed materials, design is the difference between being seen and glazed over.So, you’ve got a fantastic new product or service, and now you’re ready to take it to market. You’ve worked all the kinks out, and it’s so good it sells itself! Then it launches, and… the sales fall short, or worse, there are no sales. This scenario happens more than you would think. Unfortunately, startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners often overlook one of their best tools for a successful launch—great design. We are bombarded with new information, products, services, and innovations every day, and it is difficult for any brand to cut through the noise. From the multitude of options on the store shelves to the endless feed stream on social media, brands fight an uphill battle to be seen. 

The Fight For That First Glance

Imagine you’re at the grocery store, scanning the craft beer section (or wine, whatever floats your boat). You stand there looking at all those options, and suddenly, one of the beer bottles catches your eye. At that moment, when your attention stops glazing over the myriad options on the shelf and snaps to focus on that one bottle, that bottle’s design has won its most significant battle. It has won the battle for your attention. In packaging, social media, advertising, printed materials, design is the difference between being seen and glazed over. When paired with a Brand Strategy, design becomes a strategic tool. Beyond design’s usual goals of informing, identifying, entertaining, or persuading, with a thoughtful Brand Strategy, design can differentiate. 

I Like It Because It’s Different

Our minds are hardwired to see what’s different. Our brains work as filters, taking in all the information they can from our eyes, parsing out the irrelevant bits, and looking for what stands out. So our brains are made to perceive differences, and when our eyes fall on something masterfully designed, in concept and execution, we like it. We may even love it. A great example is Apple’s old iPod “Dancing Silhouettes” advertisements. The use of color, contrast, and form was terrific and is still one of my favorite advertisements. Of course, that campaign was very different, but it wasn’t just different for the sake of being different. The product and brand informed every aspect of the design. It was a strategically sound design.  “Good design is good for business,” Thomas J. Watson Jr., President of IBM during the seventies, said those words in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania, and they still hold today. Recent reports show that design-led companies outperformed their peers in the S&P500 by over 200%. Great design can get your business results, improve sales, grow your audience and your business. So invest in great design, and it will deliver. But, don’t know where to start? Give us a ring or send us a message; we’re happy to help.

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