Logo Design Services


Our design philosophy is simple, go beyond. We focus on understanding our client’s needs through discovery meetings, workshops, or conversations over a good cup of coffee. 

Miguel Mena Working on Design


We’ll meet in person or over video conference to have an in-depth discussion about the project’s goals, the target audience for the brand, and primary competitors. We’ll also cover anything else that may be relevant to the design. We will then get to work on developing mood boards for artistic direction and initial logo concepts.

Miguel Mena sketching


After receiving feedback from our client on the logo concepts, we will create the main logo design. The refined and finalized primary logo design will inform the needs for secondary logos.

Phase 1 Logo Design Concepts


Following approval of the primary logo, we will create a family of secondary logos. We will make several different logos to allow the brand identity implementation throughout several other mediums, spaces, and applications.

Phase 1 Logo Design Concepts


After the client approves all primary and secondary logos, all logos in the logo family are exported as individual files for the client’s use.


Your logo is a powerful tool. You want to make sure that it’s doing the best job possible to identify you and your business. Give us a call or email us, and we’ll be happy to help you with your logo design needs.