A New Year, A New Blank Page

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Thoughts | 0 comments

The artist sits and ponders the empty space before that creative spark. Then a mighty brainstorm erupts, filling the page with rough ideas and sketches. Just like an artist contemplates a blank field, 2022 presents the same opportunity for us. A blank canvas waiting for the creative mind. A new year filled with possibilities.

This year, I hope to continue working with my existing clients and establish new relationships with small business owners. My goal, as always, is to empower small businesses through great design and branding.

Design in its multiple facets and applications is at its heart a tool. It is a valuable problem-solving tool. That is what I love about design and what I hope to share with my clients this year. The problem-solving power of design. As a designer and artist, I love the way design finds creative solutions to all sorts of problems. Ranging from the everyday and mundane to the intricate and complex.

Of course, as a visual designer, the problems I solve are more about communication. Telling a story, communicating a position, bringing value to the fore. I hope to fill my figurative canvas with work that brings value and results to my clients.

This new year is an opportunity. Let’s work together to make it the best year yet.

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