Website Design

Grow Your Business With A Professional Website Design

Deciding to create a website can be overwhelming. It’s not an easy task and website design for your business takes time, diligence, technological savvy, and a great deal of inspiration. Beyond Lines works with small businesses and organizations, providing website designs with beautiful aesthetics, usability, interactivity, and value. Each website design is crafted to meet the unique purpose of each business.

While our web design services are based in Hickory, North Carolina, we work with businesses from all over to help bring their vision to life.

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Statistic Graphic: Did you know? 75% of consumers judge a business's credibility based on their website.


Let our expert designers and developers build your website.

  • Responsive design that looks great on any device.
  • Custom website design tailored to your business needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization so your website starts ranking ASAP.


Website Design Service Includes:

  • Free, no-commitment consultation.
  • Custom website design ready to work for your business.
  • Advanced features such as video headers, image sliders, and galleries.
  • Blog functionality for simple updates, long-form articles, or company news.
  • One-Year Routine Maintenance.
  • Domain Name and Hosting

Let’s Boost Your Business With An Awesome Website!

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How our Website Design Service works:

Layout Your Vision.

Meet with us over the phone, via video conference, or in person and share your ideas and vision. Then we’ll work with you to determine the website strategy and organization using a sitemap.

The Blue Print For Your Vision

With your input, we will create wireframes for each website page defined in the site map. The wireframes will act as a blueprint for all site functionality.

Makin' it Pretty

We’ll work with you in establishing colors, images, fonts, and all other visual elements that will come together to make your website attractive and memorable.

It Lives!

With your input, our team of expert developers and designers will work on building your vision. Then, once we get your approval, your website will go live!

Stay Fresh.

Our team is here when you need to update your site. In addition to website design, we offer ongoing maintenance plans, so your website stays fresh as your business grows.


Our most recent website design was for the wonderful folks at The Counseling Group. We were able to create a beautiful website that allowed them inform and receive new inquiries from potential clients.

Web design Hickory NC
Why should my business have a website?

A website is one of the best things you can do toward growing your small business, if you’re looking to sell online or showcase your services. With our website design services, your business will have a website customized to fit your brand. We design websites to include tools that fit your business needs .


Customer Convenience: A website makes it easy for customers to learn about your business, products, or services and make purchases from the comfort of their homes. This convenience can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage: A website can give your business a competitive advantage by allowing you to reach more customers, establish a stronger brand presence, and showcase your unique offerings.

Establishing an Online Presence: The best way to develop an online presence for your business is with a website. A well designed website allows your potential customers to find your business quickly, learn about your products or services, and contact you.

Building Credibility: A well-designed and professional-looking website will boost your business credibility and trust with potential customers. It gives the impression that the business is established and reliable, increasing the likelihood of a customer choosing to do business with you.

Marketing and Promotion: A website is an excellent tool for marketing and promoting your business. It allows you to showcase your products or services, provide information about your business, and reach a wider audience.