Monday Music


We launched our Monday Music series in 2023. This harmonious fusion of art and music showcases our talent and cutting-edge expertise in the ever-evolving world of design.

Drawing inspiration from the chart-topping tunes on our daily playlists, we worked to bring these melodies to life through visually captivating illustrations. Each piece in the series is a unique tribute to the power of music, embodying the emotions, energy, and stories embedded within every beat.

TV Illustration
La Internacional Inspired Illustration
Amor De Mis Amores Illustation
Dark Beach Inspired Illustration
Pedro Navaja Inspired Illustration
Genesis Inspired Illustration
Nocturne Inspired Illustration
Maligno Inspired Illustration
El Bueno Y El Malo Inspired Illustration
Digital Bath Inspired Illustrations
Particle G1 Inspired Illustration
Tendresse Illustration
Deceptacon Illustration
Air War Illustration
The Sun Smells Too Loud Illustration
Aeroplane Illustration
The Beginning Is The End Illustration
Monday Music Illustration